Your journey from the vine to the bottle.


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Always keen to share our love of wine, and the craft of turning carefully nurtured grapes into fine wine, each year our team of Curious Winemakers follow the journey from vineyard to bottle.


Winemaker John Harris and curious business partner, Craig Mitchell, will guide you on this year long journey to discover the thoughts and the processes that go into creating a memorable bottle of wine.

After a meet and greet session discussing the impact of climate, terroir, trends and style, it’s off to the vineyard, where the real journey begins. Amongst the vines we learn about the growing process, taste the ripening fruit, and discuss our winemaking plan. We then pick the grapes, and with many enthusiastic pairs of hands at work, we begin to craft our wine. Be curious together and save; $550 per person, or $990 for Two People

2022 Curious Winemaker yet to be announced!

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  • 01. Vineyard

  • 02. Fermentation

  • 03. Bottling

Under the coaching of our winemaker John Harris (curious in his own way), you can do it! Create your own very special hand-crafted dozen bottles to delight, impress and surprise friends, family and yourself!

Tom, Curious Winemaker 2015

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