Celebrating the Best of the West

September 27, 2017

Driving between vineyards, it’s hard to not feel incredibly lucky for the region in which we get to make wine. Whilst not having the caché of some of the bigger Australian wine regions, Western Victorian wine has the beauty of such a range of diverse subregions, microclimates, and producers new and old.

We’ve got stunning cool-climate pinots and rieslings being made as far south as the shipwreck coast, vines dating back to the 1860s in the Grampians, classic big houses like Taltarni, Best’s and Blue Pyrenees, and new guns producing wine from the previously marginal climate around Ballarat.

It’s the reason why we’re so proud to be hosting the 2017 Western Victorian Wine Challenge at Mitchell Harris. As a counterpoint to the stuffy wine shows of old, the WVWC celebrates those making quality and interesting wines in our region, and as well as the pro assessments, brings consumers into their judging to pick the punters’ faves!

It’s also the reason why Wednesday nights are now Locals Night at Mitchell Harris. We’re showing off the region by serving Western Victorian Wines in-house at take-home prices, and our Ballarat local beers from the Athletic Club are only five bucks! From 5pm every Wednesday night…

So what’s your favourite Western Victorian wine? Pick up a ticket to the Western Victorian Wine Challenge, and join us on Locals Night to find out!

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